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Laws and Regulation

  1. The RCF is open for all researchers of Kuwait University who have active research projects or can supply their own reagents.
  2. All Researchers can utilize the equipment available in RCF after they show competence in operating the required instrument.
  3. All Researchers are required to fill up a utility form either electronically or manually. Forms are available on our website through Lims Access.
  4. Researchers are advised to create their own login and password on our LIMS system found on our Website to track their data and results.
  5. All Researchers are advised to use acceptable laboratory practices and safety procedures when performing their work. All equipment should be handled correctly and the place cleaned after usage.
  6. The Director will arrange several workshops a year to introduce RCF technologies to HSC staff.
  7. Researchers are advised to meet the Director, if they require any help with the utilization of RCF infrastructure or to resolve conflict.
  8. The Director will file an annual report on RCF utilization to the Executive Committee.