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The Milli-Q® Advantage System


The Complete System:

The Milli-Q® Advantage System has been designed to deliver high quality ultrapure water adapted to every user’s needs in today’s laboratory environment.

The system features two separate and distinct components: the production unit and the delivery point-of-use unit:

  • The Milli-Q® production unit is a compact system that can be placed either on the bench, under the bench or on a wall–wherever it best suits you.
  • The Q-POD (Quality-Point-of-Delivery) unit provides final polishing at the point-of-use, delivering ultrapure water adapted to specific needs. The Q-POD’s interface simplifies operation and displays essential data for complete user reassurance. Up to three Q-PODs can be used with each production unit at different locations within the same laboratory.

Daily performance is facilitated by having both ultrapure water and information conveniently delivered at the point-of-use. The Q-POD unit is always within reach, and its convenient and adaptable dispensing enables the user to work both intuitively and precisely. The user can select either a very precise volume with the autofill key or manually press the plunger. The Q-POD unit’s multicolor graphic display allows easy interaction with the system and provides information about water quantity and quality.