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Nucleic acid extraction system, Biorobot M48 (Qiagen)



The BioRobot® M48 is a desktop robotic workstation specially designed for magnetic particle based sample preparation. The BioRobot® M48 uses a patented technology to perform magnetic separation, but can also perform simple liquid handling tasks like mixing, aspiration, dispensing, etc. The BioRobot® M48 uses a linear array of syringes (the Nozzle Head or Syringe Head) to treat 6 samples simultaneously.

The instrument has the capacity to treat 6 – 48 samples per run. The Nozzle Head moves along the X, Y, and Z-axes to perform reagent dispensing as well as the nucleic acid extraction.

The BioRobot M48 workstation, in combination with MagAttract magnetic particle technology, allows easy purification of nucleic acids from a wide range of clinically relevant sample types.


  • Purification of genomic DNA, total RNA, total nucleic acids, mRNA, viral RNA and viral nucleic acids from sample matrices including serum, plasma, whole blood, white blood cells, cultured cells, tissues, paraffin- embedded sections, forensic reference and case work samples, and environmental samples.
  • All processing steps are performed on the worktable from sample lysis to elution of highly pure nucleic acids.