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The Complete System:

The MSE Soniprep 150 Plus is an improved, digital version of the original Soniprep 150. It is a benchtop ultrasonic disintegrator enclosed in a purpose built chamber to reduce residual noise from sonication.

The Soniprep 150 Plus also has a wattage output, which allows users to measure the wattage being delivered to the probe. There is a range of titanium probes available to satisfy a wide variety of requirements.

The piezoelectric transducer produces vibrations from an electrical input to a level of 93% efficiency. This compares well with magnetostrictive versions which are only 45% efficient.

Technical Specifications:

  • New digital display
  • Control and monitor amplitude for reproducible results
  •  Sound-insulated self contained unit
  •  Range of 3 titanium probes to suit most applications
  •  High frequency 23KHZ generator with piezoelectric transducer
  •  99 minute timer with override facility
  •  Optional process timer unit available
  •  Optional wattage meter available
  •  Ideally suited for volumes of 2ml to 100ml plus continuous flow

Ultrasonic Disintegration

The Soniprep 150 Plus transmits sound energy to the medium through high frequency vibration at the tip of an interchangeable probe. The effect of this is to create many series of micro-cavities in the dispersion medium. The rapid alternation of positive and negative pressure produced by the sound waves travelling through the liquid causes these minute gas filled bubbles to disintegrate implosively during the rarefaction phase of the sound pressure wave. This produces intense local shock waves in which the pressure may reach several thousand atmospheres and rapid microstreaming of the liquid around the point of collapse. The intense localised sheer gradients so generated combined, in part, with the transient regions of high pressure, result in the disruptive capabilities of this instrument.

Varied Applications

The Soniprep 150 Plus can be used for a wide variety of applications, but is mainly used for the disintegration, disruption and homogenisation of cells, tissues, spores and bacteria.

Our powerful ultrasonic disintegrator is highly regarded in throughout the world and its uses can encompass the preparation of emulsions, the stimulation of bacterial activity, the dispersion of solids in liquids and the promotion of chemical reactions.

Choice of Probes

The choice of 3 probes covers the needs of most applications. The exponential probe can be used for particularly small volumes down to 2ml and the larger probes can be used for increased volumes or continuous flow applications. A range of tubes and vessels are also available to accommodate samples for the various applications that may be needed. Rubber sealing caps are available if the tubes need to be sealed during the disruption process.

Safety Features

The Soniprep 150 Plus comes with a sound reducing cabinet as standard to help to minimise disturbance near the unit. The frequency of operation has been specially selected to operate at levels higher than those normally audible to the human ear to help maintain minimum noise levels.

The clear door of the Soniprep 150 Plus allows the operator to observe the sample whilst sonication is taking place thus allowance can be made for aerosol production or spillages.

 Amplitude Meter

An amplitude meter is positioned at the front of the Soniprep 150 Plus to monitor the probe amplitude. It is calibrated in microns and gives the actual peak to peak movement that is taking place by using the relevant multiplication factor for the desired probe. This gives a more accurate reflection of what the probe is doing, unlike some sonicators which merely give a reading of the power input into the probe. This does not necessarily reflect the optimum power transfer to the sample.

Process Timer Available

The Soniprep 150 Plus comes with a 99 minute timer and an override switch. This allows the operator the opportunity to perform continuous or timed sonication up to 99 minutes. The override switch is particularly useful to the user who wishes to use the continuous flow facility for through flow sonication. The continuous flow feed and exit lines can be accessed to the continuous flow vessel via the apertures present at the rear of the unit.

In addition to the 99 minute timer that is available on the Soniprep 150 Plus, there is a process timer available. This allows the operator the flexibility to accurately time sonication for reproducible results. It also allows the operator the facility to pulse sonication to help build up over a period of time. Pulse times can vary from 1 to 99 seconds and can be controlled in minutes or cycles.

All in all, it can be seen that the Soniprep 150 Plus has become an indispensable item in laboratory ultrasonics by offering a unique blend of facilities. It has gained an enviable reputation, along with other MSE products, for giving long term service combined with excellent long term reliability. These factors combined to make the Soniprep 150 Plus the obvious choice when it comes to laboratory ultrasonic applications.