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Optima™ L-XP ultracentrifuge


The Complete System:

The Optima™ L-XP ultracentrifuge is used to generate centrifugal forces for the separation of particles. The Optima™ L-100XP has a maximum rotational speed of 100 000 rpm. The microprocessor-controlled Optima™ L-XP provides an interactive operator interface, using a touchscreen and keypad, with the eXPert operating software.

Both manual and programmed operation are available. In manual operation, you enter the individual run parameters and begin the run. In programmed operation, you can create, save, recall, modify, and/or print a program, and then automatically run the ultracentrifuge via the program. Several advanced capabilities simplify laboratory ultracentrifugation, such as:

  • Setting up a run by specifying RCF (relative centrifugal force), ω2t (accumulated centrifugal effect), substitute rotor and tube combination, or sedimentation coefficient
  • Performing various centrifugation-related calculations, including pelleting time, concentration measures, refractive index, speed reduction, and sedimentation coefficient
  • ESP™ (Efficient Sedimentation Program), a simulation that provides optimum run times using precipitating and non-precipitating media
  • Rotor and tube catalogs containing pertinent information about Beckman Coulter ultracentrifuge rotors and tubes
  • A rotor library for tracking the rotors in your lab
  • Run logs for record-keeping or lab procedures purposes
  • Information on compatibility between centrifugation accessories and a variety of chemicals