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MerMade-12 Oligonucleotide Synthesizer

  MerMade-12 Oligonucleotide Synthesizer

The Complete System:

The MerMade-12 Oligonucleotide synthesizer is designed to synthesize DNA, RNA & LNA oligonucleotides in a column format using standard or modified chemistries. The Mermade-12 is ideal for a lab requiring a few oligos/day. The machine comes with a 12 column configuration and is capable of making a combination of standard, degenerate and modified oligos in the same run with scales varying from 50nmole to 200umole.

Synthesis time depends on chemistry and product quality but a typical run time is 2.5 hours for 12 columns of 20mers. When comparing price, throughput, flexibility, and operational cost as well as unparalleled service and technical support no other synthesizer on the market can come close.

MerMade-12 standard features include:

  • Flexible and easy to use software

  • Run Logging

  • 10 Amidite Ports (more available)

  • Dedicated Thio reagent Bottle

  • Dell PC w/Flat screen Monitor included

  • Cleavage apparatus

  • Deprotection Apparatus

Optional features:

  • On Line Trityl Monitoring

  • Up to 20 amidite ports (inquire if more are needed)

  • Ultra-low dead volume bottle mount for expensive modifiers (>50microliters).

  • UPS back up to allow synthesis recovery in the event of power loss

  • Multiple reagent cap adapters as well as keg type containers

  • Bar code reader

  • Waste disposal manifold

  • Argon pressure sensor

  • Custom integration of Software with in house LIMS