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Esco Isotherm® Forced Convection Laboratory


The Complete System:

Introducing Esco Isotherm® - world class laboratory ovens from Esco with the technologies and compliance to prove it. ergonomic, intuitive interfaces, microprocessor PID controls with programming options, 4 zone heated air jacket, precisely tuned and tested ventilation and insulation package.

This 54 litre laboratory oven comes with a 3 year manufacturer's warranty.

The THQ operates with patented Omni Tip™ Plastic Homogenizer Probes, available in both soft tissue and hard tissue versions. These probes eliminate concerns about cross-contamination between samples. Stainless steel generator probes are also available for larger and tougher sample types.

The Omni THQ is ideal for tissue homogenization, emulsions and suspensions, cell disruption, protein extraction and medical research. It can be hand-held or mounted to a lab stand for lengthier processing. The THQ's efficient energy saving motor provides the same powerful performance you would expect from an Omni homogenizer.

Key Features:

SolarisTM Pre-Heat Chamber Technology ensures no heating elements directly presently in the chamber ensure maximum user safety. A 4 zone heated air jacket ensures stable heating and maximum temperature uniformity in the chamber, and the standard temperature range of up to 300°C promotes maximum application flexibility .

The VentiFlow™ Ventilation System with its forced convection design produces higher heating and drying rates, improved temperature uniformity and reduced fluctuation, includes features such as the chamber fan inlet that pulls air away from the user, preventing exposure to blasts of hot air when the door is opened. Fan speed and air exchange rates are adjustable, while low energy consumption reduces operating costs.

Superior Insulation consisting of multi layer chamber, pre-heat chamber, insulation and external carcass. Unique door ventilation design reduces door temperature even when the chamber temperature is at the maximum operating point.

SmartSense™ Microprocessor PID Control Technology with instrument-grade precision platinum temperature probe. The built-in menu is intuitive, easy to operate; a left display shows parameter being set, and a right display shows present value - display units are selectable between °C / °F. A tuned PID control to ensure fast ramp time, prevent overshoot and ensure stable temperature once set point is achieved. Configuration from 10 programs with 5 segments to 1 program with 50 segments is possible, and these can be set up to repeat automatically or wait for user confirmation at a particular segment before proceeding.

Quality Esco Construction main body is electrogalvanised steel with white oven-baked epoxy antimicrobial powder-coated finish; external surfaces are powder coated with Esco ISOCIDE™ to eliminate 99.9% of surface bacteria within 24 hours of exposure.

Technical Specification:

  • Volume 54 litre (1.91 cu.ft)
  • Temperature Range Ambient +50C to 300C
  • Temperature Variation Per DIN 12880 Spatial Uniformity: at 70 °C <=+/-0.8°C, at 150 °C <=+/-1.6°C, at 250 °C <=+/-2.1°C
  • Temperature Fluctuation Per DIN 12880 Control Fluctuation: at 70 °C <=+/-0.30C, at 150 °C <=+/-0.30C, at 250 °C <=+/-0.30C
  • Number of Shelves Standard 2 (Maximum 4)
  • Load Per Shelf 15 kg (33 lbs)
  • Total Load, Maximum 30 kg (66 lbs)
  • Oven Power/ Amp 1710 W / 7.5 A