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Funding and Services

  1. Awards are made by the Research Sector (RS) for the direct cost of the acquisition of new instruments, as well as for ‎running, upgrading and maintenance of the existing instruments. The operational orders (reagents required to operate the instruments), support personnel and service costs associated with maximum utilization of the instrument(s) are included in the annual grant renewal request submitted to RS, along with the yearly assessment report.
  2. Scientists and clinical staff at the Health Sciences Center, holding ongoing grants, are eligible to utilize the resources at ‎the Facility. Their grants would cover the cost of reagents required to operate the respective experiments.
  3. The laboratory provides services for the following categories:
    • Charge-free services for Health Sciences Center members of various Faculties (Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Allied Health Sciences), provided they have funded research projects to cover the supply of reagents.
    • Charge-free services to Faculty members from other KU Faculties (Science, Engineering, etc.), provided they have funded research projects to cover the supply of reagents.
    • The utilization of the equipment is free to all qualified users in HSC, Kuwait University and other institutions in Kuwait.
    • The qualified users from institutions other than Kuwait University are welcome to use RCF after discussion with PI / Director of RCF.