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The operational policy of the RCF at the Health Sciences Center ‎primarily concerns administrative and operational aspects, which ar given below.

1. Administration

  • The Vice Dean for Research and Postgraduate Studies, Faculty of Medicine, Health Sciences Center, assumes the responsibility of the Research Core Facility as the Principal Investigator (PI), while the Director is responsible for RCF supervision and day-to-day running. In addition, the Vice Deans of Research (VDRs) for the Faculties of Allied Health Sciences, Pharmacy, and Dentistry are the designated as steering committee members. The PI, Director and the steering committee members together constitute the Executive Committee, having administrative responsibility to oversee the Research Core ‎Facility. The Committee provides guidance, resolves conflicts, ‎performs evaluative functions and helps to provide resources for fiscal ‎sustenance of the Core Facility. The Executive Committee also ‎has the final authority in establishing the RCF’s operations policy.
  • Prof. Moussa Alkhalaf is nominated as the Director of the Research Core Facility, with the responsibility to build, direct and supervise the laboratory’s operation, its organization, training, maintenance, upgrading and quality control. The Director is also responsible for publishing RCF’s Newsletters and preparing annual reports.

2. Laboratory Operation

  • Highly trained Senior Technicians/Research Assistants are in-charge of the instruments. All technical staff are ‎directly supervised by the RCF Director.
  • The Research Core Facility publicizes its services through ‎the release of ‎Newsletters, and maintains a Website, linked to HSC ‎site. The newsletters and website cover latest ‎updates and information on available research support, access ‎procedures/protocols, reagents required for each instrument, as ‎well as the user cost, if any.
  • The PI of RCF (Vice Dean for Research and Postgraduate Studies, Faculty of Medicine, Health Sciences Center) in coordination ‎with the RCF Director, is responsible for submitting an ‎annual report to the Research Sector, Kuwait University. This report would ‎outline technical status of the Research Core Facility, facility ‎utilization hours, training activities and research publications, based on the actual ‎use of the Research Core Facility.