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7900 HT Fast Real Time PCR System

Model : ABI 7900HT Low Density Array Analyzer
Make : M/s. Applied Biosystems, USA
Location : Genomics Lab.
TAQMAN Low Density Array Analyzer<



7900 HT Fast Real Time PCR System, a laser scans and excites the fluorescent dyes in each of the wells a spectrograph and charge-coupled device (CCD) camera spectrally resolves and collects the fluorescence emission from each sample.


  • Absolute quantitation method determines target quantity directly from a standard curve. To quantitate the amount of target in unknown samples, the system measures the sample’s CT and uses a standard curve to determine starting copy number.
  • The Relative quantitation eliminates the need for a standard curve by calculating quantitation values of an unknown sample relative to a calibration sample. Relative quantitation is ideal for gene expression studies. An endogenous control is used to normalize the sample amount. The relative quantitation (RQ) study, which comes standard, allows simultaneous analysis of up to ten plates of data.
  • Screening of known SNPs, complete system for SNP genotyping and gene expression studies.
  • Plus/minus assay.