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Peptide Synthesizer-Symphony X


The Complete System:

Infrared (IR) Heating

Now you can get the most efficient heating method on the market today, with the fastest time to temperature of any heating technology! It is also fully-compatible with vortex mixing, so you can be sure you have an even temperature profile. Other heating systems use nitrogen mixing, which may result in hot and cold spots and effect the consistency of your chemistry.

Real-Time UV-Monitoring

Minimize trial-and-error when synthesizing difficult peptides using real-time UV monitoring on the Symphony X. What makes our UV monitoring different? Other systems just monitor the waste stream. We monitor your reaction solution while it’s mixing – that’s why we’re the only ones who can control the deprotection reaction times, not just the number of repetitions!


Now you can preactivate on multiple reactors in parallel. Perfect for sterically hindered amino acid additions! Optimize your DIC/HOBt chemistry on the Symphony X and go straight to scale-up!

Special Reagent Additions

At last! Add expensive special reagents to any reactor without priming or wasting a drop using Single-Shot deliveries! Save money with no manual intervention required! The Symphony X comes with up to 40 amino acid positions to accommodate any chemistry!

Reliability – the PTI difference

Other systems use off-the-shelf valves that leak, cross-contaminate, and quickly fail when exposed to harsh peptide synthesis chemicals. Our patented valve block system was specifically designed for peptide synthesis, so you get zero dead volumes, no cross-contamination, and worry-free performance that lasts for years!

Fully Independent Channels

The Symphony is the world’s first peptide synthesizer with fully independent channels. This means you can run different sequences, scales and protocols on multiple reactors all at the same time. Start, Stop or Pause reactors whenever you wish! It’s like having 24 synthesizers in one!

Automated Cleavage

The Symphony X features automated cleavage. Unlike some peptide synthesizers, all PTI synthesizers are built with robust TFA-resistant materials, so you can cleave for years on our instruments without worry. Not interested in cleavage? You can also use the Symphony X collect positions as additional amino acid positions!