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Automated Sample Preparation (QIAcube) (DNA, RNA & proteins)

Automated Sample Preparation


QIAcube is a fully automated, closed, compact bench top system, avoids any manual errors, and safe to use. It can perform 12 samples simultaneously. Nucleic acids are polymers, essential for all known forms of life and include DNA and RNA.

Nucleic acid isolation is a process of purification of DNA/RNA from samples using a combination of physical and chemical methods. Nucleic acid isolation and purification include four main steps: Cell lysis, binding, washing and elution. The sources for isolation of nucleic acids include blood, tissues, sera, bacteria, viruses and also PCR products and DNA from agarose gels.


  • DNA, RNA and Protein purification
  • 1 to 12 samples per run
  • Sample lysis included
  • Easy download and transfer of new protocols
  • Load check before each run
  • Interaction via touch screen (no computer)
  • Individual centrifuge & shaker functionality