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Events and News

Newsletter / Issue No.5 – Dec. 2015 
Newsletter / Issue No.4 – Dec. 2014 Newsletter / Issue No. 2 – May. 2012 
Newsletter / Issue No.3 – Dec. 2013 Newsletter / Issue No.1 – Feb. 2012

It gives us a great pleasure to welcome you to the first issue of the Research Core Facility (RCF) newsletter. In the recent years, technological advancements in biomedical research have necessitated to build specialized laboratories that can be accessed and utilized by researchers of varied disciplines. These laboratories should facilitate in-depth study of disease processes at cellular and molecular levels. The RCF fulfills such a necessity at the Health Sciences Centre (HSC), Kuwait. It comprises of an integrated set of multipurpose laboratories, which are housing the most modern and state-of-the-art instruments required for health-care related research work. The details of these laboratories and equipment are given on page 2. The instruments in the RCF are operated by a dedicated team of suitably qualified and trained technical staff.

Although, the RCF is meant for researchers in the broad area of biomedical research, it is especially useful for researchers in the field of human health, e.g., to identify and evaluate prognostic, diagnostic and therapeutic markers etc., who are working at the HSC and other health- related institutions in Kuwait. Furthermore, collaborative research with researchers/institutions out of Kuwait is also encouraged.

However, well-equipped laboratories and most-modern equipment do not guarantee top-notch research to benefit our community and humanity. These must be coupled with enthusiasm to use appropriately. Through this newsletter, we encourage you to come and visit the RCF and discuss with us the ways you can use this facility towards your own benefit and for the benefit of people in Kuwait and abroad. Hoping to see you soon at the RCF.

Prof. Rajaa Al- Attiyah Prof. Moussa AlKhalaf
Supervisor of RCF Director of RCF