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Automated Karyotyping System

For Fluorescent in situhybridization, comparative genomic hybridization, Multicolor FISH and Karyotyping

  Automated Karyotyping System

The complete system:

System analyses cell features in single cell preparations and tissue sections, under fluorescent light conditions or in the brightfield mode. Sophisticated image processing algorithms cope with poor slide conditions or weak signals.

System features: Automatic spot counting and fusion detection, Precise quantization at high scanning speed, simultaneous analysis of up to 6 fluorochromes, High quality cell gallery for on screen review and cell relocation, comprehensive data presentation.

The system is utilized for Fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH), both for interphase nuclei and metaphase spreads. Signals are captured automatically using Metapher platform or manually using ISIS. The system is FDA approved for HER-2 gene amplification tests. The system is also used for karyotyping both using conventional Gimsa stain or M-FISH (picture above). The system is utilized to measure chromosomal copy numbers via a technique termed comparative genomic hybridization (CGH)

System Components:

  • High end upright research microscope from Carl Zeiss.
  • Metafer Metacyte software from Metasystem.
  • High resolution monochrome megapixel CCD video camera Resolution 1280 x 1024 pixels
  • Marzhauser scanning stage Capacity 8 slides 3” x 1”
  • Filters & Fluorochromes:
    • DAPI (X: D360/40, BS: 400DCLP, M: 470/40)
    • DEAC/SpectrumAqua™ (X: D436/20, BS:455DCLP, M: D480/30)
    • FITC/SpectrumGreen™ (X: HQ493/16, BS: Q507LP, M: HQ527/30)
    • Spectrum Orange™ (X: D546/12, BS: 565DCLP, M: D580/30)
    • TexasRed (X: HQ581/10, BS: Q593LP, H: HQ617/40)
    • Cy5™ (X: HQ630/20, BS: Q649LP, M: HQ 667/30)

Consumables & reagents:

The 24XCyte mFISH Probe Kit

The 24XCyte kit contains 24 different chromosome painting probes specific for the 24 different human chromosomes. Each paint is labeled with one of five different fluorochromes or a unique combination of them.

The 24XCyte mFISH kit is available in three different pack sizes:

24XCyte 60μl D-0125-060-MC
24XCyte 120μl D-0125-120-MC
24XCyte 600μl D-0125-600-MC

The XCyte mBAND Probe Kits

Each XCyte mBAND kit contains a mix of region-specific partial painting probes specific for one Zhromosome. The probes are labeled with one of up to five different fluorochromes or a combination of them, respectively. The XCyte mBAND kits are available in three different pack sizes:

XCyte 1 24μl D-0201-024-MC
XCyte 1 60μl D-0201-060-MC
XCyte 1 120μl D-0201-120-MC
XCyte 2 24μl D-0202-024-MC
XCyte X 60μl D-0223-060-MC
XCyte Y 60μl D-0224-060-MC

The 21XMouse mFISH kit is available in two different pack sizes:

21XMouse 60μl D-0425-060-MC
21XMouse 120μl D-0425-120-MC

The B-tect detection kit is available either for 10 and 20 applications. One application means one slide independent of the hybridized area.

B-tect ‎ ‎10 Applications
B-tect ‎ ‎20 Applications
DAPI / Antifade 10 Applications
DAPI / Antifade 20 Applications
XCyting Chromosome Paints – XCP

XCP1 to XCP22‎ TexasRed ‎200ul
D-0301-TR to 0322-RT
XCP X TexasRed ‎200ul
XCP Y TexasRed ‎200ul
XCP1 to XCP22‎ FITC ‎200ul
D-0301-FI to 322-FI
XCP X FITC ‎200ul
XCP Y FITC ‎200ul