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Hybridization oven-Hybaid Maxi 14


The Complete System:

The Hybaid Maxi 14 is the largest hybridisation oven in the range. It has a 14-bottle capacity, a carousel and a dual action (linear or orbital) shaking platform. The additional space provided in this oven allows hybridisation to be performed in the bottles whilst simultaneously performing washing steps on the shaking platform.

Excellent temperature uniformity for reproducible results with low backgrounds High capacity for increased volume of hybridisation Dual action shaker for optimisation of washing protocols Simultaneous operation of shaking platform and carousel for performing fast, efficient washing protocols.

Technical Specifications:

  • Temperature range (°C) Ambient +8...85
  • Uniformity within the bottle (°C) ±0,25
  • Safety over-temperature cut-out Yes
  • Max. power (W) 250
  • Variable speed carousel Yes
  • Carousel speed (min?¹) 5 - 15
  • Shaking action Orbital and linear
  • Shaking platform Yes
  • Shaking platform area (mm) 330×300
  • Variable axis carousel Yes
  • External W×D×H (mm) 450×456×690
  • Internal W×D×H (mm) 350×320×510
  • Weight (kg) 40.5
  • Bottle capacity Fourteen 35 mm bottles
  • DIMS 46CM (D) X 45CM (w) X 70CM (H)