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The Research Core Facility (RCF) is an integrated laboratory, housing state-‎of-the-art equipment and instruments, essentially required by researchers in ‎implementing their research at HSC, Kuwait University. The RCF equipment is operated by qualified ‎and trained staff.The instrumentation essentially meets the requirements ‎of most research projects. Invariably, the cost of instruments, concerning ‎individual research proposals, prove a stumbling block in project approval. ‎In addition, a remarkable development has been observed as regards the ‎emergence of new technologies and sophisticated instrumentation, that are ‎immensely powerful, and facilitate in depth study of disease processes at ‎cellular and molecular levels. These core facilities stimulate faculty and staff ‎expertise, encouraging them to develop specialized techniques for utilizing ‎the advanced equipment resource, and to make them available to HSC ‎students and faculty.