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Cell Observer:

The Complete System for live Cell Imaging


The «Cell Observer» is a complete system for observing and digitally documenting living cells and/or tissue (Time-Lapse Live Cell Imaging). The system can be used to observe dynamic processes under physiological conditions (temperature, CO2) on a microscope. Images of the cells and/or tissue are acquired at time intervals. The system can acquire two-dimensional images or 3D image stacks in various fluorescence wavelengths (multichannel).

The system can be used, for example, to digitally document the movement of structures in cells, cell division etc. in fluorescence and transmitted light.

Cell Observer: The Components

  • Carl Zeiss Microscope:

    Worldwide standards in high end research microscopy, Outstanding optics and brilliant fluorescence performance, Superior flexibility, stability and ergonomics

  • AxioCam:

    High sensitive Carl Zeiss digital camera, brilliant for every application

  • AxioVision:

    Efficient Carl Zeiss software solution, automatic control of microscope, camera & peripherals

  • Cell Cultivation:

    Precise regulation of temperature, CO2 and humidity of the air, incubator for consistently ideal conditions for cells or tissues.


  • Cell culture chambers

    - Zeiss 50 mm petri dishes
    - Cat. No. 415101-4400-550
    - Zeiss 35 mm petri dishes
    - Cat. No. 415101-4400-551
    - POC-R cell cultivation system
    - Cat. No. 000000-1116-079
    - Microscope slides
    - Cat. No. 415101-4401-000

  • FoilCover for petri dishes and POC-R cell cultivation system

    - FoilCover 35mm
    - Cat. No. 000000-1116-083
    - CultFoil 35mm
    - Cat. No. 000000-1116-084
    - FoilCover 60 mm
    - Cat. No. 000000-1116-085
    - CultFoil 60 mm
    - Cat. No. 000000-1116-086
    - FoilCover for POC-R
    - Cat. No. 000000-1116-081
    - CultFoil for POC-R
    - Cat. No. 000000-1116-082

    • compressed Nitrogen gas cylinders
    • compressed CO2 gas cylinders
    • Box of lens cleaning paper
    • Cat. No.462975-0000-000
    • 12V, 35W Halogen bulb
    • Cat. No.000000-0234-793
    • Super pressure mercury lamp HBO 103
    • Cat. No.380301-9350-000
    • Immersol Immersion oil 100ml
    • Cat. No.000000-1111-807
    • Immersol Immersion oil 20ml
    • Cat. No.000000-1111-806