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GeneChip Microarray System

GeneChip Microarray SystemGeneChip Microarray System


  • Affymetrix is focused on oligonucleotide microarrays. These microarrays are used to determine which genes exist in a sample by detecting specific pieces of mRNA. A single chip can be used to analyze thousands of genes in one assay. Chips can be used only once. Extracting and labeling nucleic acids from experimental samples, and then hybridizing those prepared samples to the array, the amount of label can be monitored at each feature, enabling a wide range of applications on a whole-genome scale.


  • Transcriptome Analysis
  • Easy identification of gene-level signatures and pathways from well-annotated genes
  • Gene Expression profiling
  • Analyze RNA from a wide variety of sample types including cells, whole blood, and fresh/fresh-frozen or FFPE tissues
  • Genome wide identification of transcription factors


  • Transcriptome Analysis Console (TAC)
  • Gene Expression Console