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DNA Synthesizer

  DNA Synthesizer

The 3400 DNA Synthesizer is an economical, versatile platform that automates all steps of single-stranded oligonucleotide synthesis.


The 3400 DNA Synthesizer is a highly versatile, four column, bench-top instrument designed for 40-nmol, 200nmol and 1-µmol synthesis scales. Simultaneous synthesis and cleavage of four oligonucleotides requires less than 4 hours.

Automatic Phosphoramidites dilution, electronic synthesis monitoring and automatic cleavage provide a largely hands free operation. Instrument is also fully adaptable to special synthesis requirements with fully programmable cycles, functions and reagent path ways.

A patented valve block design, small-diameter reagent delivery lines, and logical placement of valves and bottles relative to the synthesis columns all result in efficient use of reagents and minimal per cycle waste at all synthesis scales.

PC Compatibility:

The 3400 DNA Synthesizer is PC compatible. Instead a router is provided for connecting the instrument to a local computer, from which you can use your Web browser to download and edit sequences from an HTML page.


Support chemistries for synthesis of following:

  • Single Stranded Oligonucleotides.
  • Biologically active RNA.
  • RNA/DNA Chimeras
  • Phosphorothiote DNA
  • 5’ Labelled Phosphoramidites (6-FAM, HEX & TET Dyes)
  • Biotinylation (Biotin)
  • Phosphorylation (Phosphalink Phosphor amidites)
  • Amine Addition (TFA Amino link)

Consumables/Reagents for 3400 DNA Synthesizer:


Item Description Qty Part No.
ABI LV40 dA bz column 1 401738
ABI LV40dGdmf column 1 401745
ABI LV40 dCbz column 1 401743
ABI LV40 T column 1 401744
ABI LV200 dAbz column 1 401937
ABI LV200 dGdmf column 1 401940
ABI LV200 dCbz column 1 401938
ABI LV200 T column 1 401941

Standard Reagents:

Item Description Qty Part No.
Anhydrous Acetonitrile, amidite dilution 100 ml 401445
Tetrazole/Acetonitrile 189 ml 400606
Acetic Anhydride/pyridine/tetrahydrofuran 180 ml 402222
1-Methylimidazole/tetrahydrofuran 180 ml 400785
0.02M Iodine/water/pyridine/tetrahydrofuran 200 ml 401732
Tricholoroacetic acid/dichloromethane 2 Lit 401272
Dichloromethane, HPLC Grade 2 Lit 402152
Anhydrous Acetonitrile, amidite dilution 4 Lit 401087
Tetraethylthiuram disulfide/acetonitrile 180 ml 401147

Cyanoethyl Phosphoramidites & Speciality Phosphoramidities Derivatives:

Item Description Qty Part No.
dAbz Phosphoramidite 0.50 mg 400330
dGdmf Fast Phoramidite reagent 0.50 mg 401182
dCbz Phosphoramidite 0.50 mg 400332
T Phosphoramidite 0.50 mg 400333
TFA Aminolink Phosphoramidite 0.25 mg 402872
Biotin Amidite 85 mg 401395
[6-FAM] DYE Phosphoramidite 45 mg 403169
[HEX] DYE Phosphoramidite 55 mg 403170
[TET] DYE Phosphoramidite 50 mg 403171