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DHPLC-high through put mutation detection system

Model : WAVE 4500 System with Fragment Collector
Make : Transgenomic, USA
Location : Genomics Lab
DHPLC System


The WAVE System Model 4500 is one of the most sensitive and accurate technologies for separation and sequence variant analysis of nucleic acid fragments. As a proven technology, the WAVE System is used by many of the world.s leading medical centers. ‎The WAVE 4500 System is fully automated, from sample collection to results analysis. ‎Navigator. Software is included and creates the fragment specific methods, controls the ‎instrument and analyzes your results. Fragment separation is achieved by the patented ‎DNASep® Cartridge located in the system oven. The fragments pass through the ‎system’s ultraviolet detector and absorbance is recorded over time. This information is ‎processed by the Navigator Software suite. It records the results in the form of chromatograms that can be further analyzed and filed by Navigator. Screening by WAVE ‎system reduces the sequencing costs and increases the speed of variant analysis in a large samples or gene with many exons, eg BRCA1 & 2, MSH1 & MLH2. The system can ‎process 2 x 96 well sample plate unattended for Mutational Analysis and the average run ‎time is < 5 mins for each sample

The Fragment collector FCW 200 connected to the WAVE 4500 – can collect the separated fragment, by clicking the peak of your interest for further processing such as sequence analysis.

Modes of Operation

The WAVE System can operate under three modes based on the temperature in the oven, allowing multiple applications with one system. Navigator Software provides a platform for simple method development for each application as well as substantial flexibility for novel procedures

  • Detect low frequency of variants in the heterogeneous samples
  • Detect tumor-associated somatic mutations despite presence of normal cells/tissues
  • Pool samples to increase efficiency of screening for SNPs
  • Study mitochondrial heteroplasmy by finding mutations at less than 1% abundance
  • Pool samples to increase efficiency of screening for SNPs
  • Study mitochondrial heteroplasmy by finding mutations at less than 1% abundance

Applications of WAVE 4500 DHPLC System

Condition Temperature Separation Type Applications
Non-denaturing 40o C - 50o C Size-dependent Size-dependent sizing of double-stranded DNA
PCR quality check
STR, RFLP, AFLP sizing Quantitative analysis (Q-RT-PCR)
Separation & prrification of DNA fragments
Partially Denaturing 52o C - 75o C Sequence-dependent Variation Discovery
Variation Detection
Methylation Detection
Purification of heteroduplex DNA for sequencing
Fully Denaturing 70o C - 100o C Size-dependent_Sequence-dependent Separation of single-stranded nucleic acids
Oligonucleotide analysis/purification

Reagent Ordering Information for the WAVE 4500 SYSTEM

Description Quantity Size Catalog Number
WAVE Optimized TEAA Buffer A-Case 4 x 2.5 liter bottles 1000 injections 553401
WAVE Optimized TEAA Buffer B - Case 4 x 2.5 liter bottles 1000 injections 553402
WAVE Optimized Solution D - Case 4 x 2.5 liter bottles 1000 injections 553412
DNASep® Cartridge 4.6 mm x 50 mm 4000 injections DNA-99-3510
WAVE®DNA Sizing Standard Sizing Sizing Standard for WAVE Systems (pUC18 HaeIII Digest) 180 μL, 20 testings 560078
WAVE® Low Range Mutation Standard, 56o C 209 bp Mutation Standard DYS 271 180 μL, 20 testings 560077
SURVEYOR Mutation Detection Kit 30μL 25 reactions 706035
MitoScreen Assay Kit 55μL 12 complete mitochondial genome scans 707001
Optimase Polymerase Supplied with buffer containing Mg++ 100μL 1 x 250 Units 703030
MicroAmp 96well PCR Plate 10 x 96 well plates 10 plates/pack N801-0560