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CEQ™ 8000 Genetic Analysis System

  CEQ™ 8000 Genetic Analysis System

The CEQ™ 8000 Genetic Analysis System is a fully automated, high-throughput sequencing and genotyping/fragment analysis systems. Capillary electrophoresis technology and laser-induced fluorescence detection have been combined to provide a very easy-to-use microplate-based system. The CEQ 8000 is designed to handle all aspects of the DNA analysis process from sample denaturation through automatic base- or allele-calling, with no user intervention, following an easy 2-minute setup. In a single setup with one gel and one capillary array within the same plate, short templates are sequenced rapidly, long templates are sequenced faster with high quality reads, DNA fragments are sized accurately and precisely, and analyzed quantitatively with high sensitivity and reproducibility. The CEQ control and analysis software uses the Windows 2000 operating system, providing you with all the benefits of data security, stable network access, and automated data qualification/filtering, normalization, quanti- tation, analysis and result exportation. Virtually all DNA analysis functions, from automated base-calling to allele identification, are accomplished using one software package on a single platform, simplifying data analysis and interpretation.

Manufacturer: Beckman Coulter