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The College Mission is to be a regional centre of excellence committed to dental education, research and clinical practice. The College of Dentistry aims to provide leading expertise in oral health in Kuwait through the education and training of graduate dentists in dental specialties in accordance with national requirements and maintaining international standards.

Instituitional Goals

The primary objective of the College is to prepare young dentists with the necessary knowledge and skills, through an educational program that is specific to their needs for improving the oral health of their patients. To contribute to advances in oral healthcare through research, and to encourage such collaboration at national and international levels. All resources human, technical and infrastructural are developed to remain abreast with contemporary best standards for a dental educational institution. These objectives are addressed through three interrelated components:


  • To encourage undergraduate students to take a questioning, scientific, and self-critical approach to patient care through active learning of the principles and skills that underpin competency, and to foster in them the intellectual skills required for future personal and professional development.
  • To meet Kuwait’s needs for qualified oral healthcare providers.
  • To educate the required numbers of scientists and educators to meet the manpower needs of the College of Dentistry and other oral healthcare educational institutions in Kuwait.
  • To provide teaching faculty for the continuing educational programs that are run for registered dental practitioners, by organizations recognized for the purpose, e.g. KIMS.


  • To identify and conduct oral healthcare research that is relevant to the needs of Kuwait and its people.
  • To measure the levels of oral healthcare problems that affect the population, and to recommend best evidence solutions for their management.
  • To promote participation in collaborative research activities at national and international levels.
  • To foster an early introduction of the research ethic into undergraduate students through direct involvement in community-based research projects.

Oral Healthcare

  • To play a leading role, through cooperative efforts with other key stakeholders, in the provision of quality preventive, therapeutic and rehabilitative oral healthcare services in Kuwait.
  • To set the standards amongst the dental community in Kuwait for contemporary best practice and technologies.

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