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Welcome to the Department of Bioclinical Sciences.
The department encompasses the following Basic Health Science disciplines:

Dental Materials Science

This subject deals with the basic principles of materials science as they apply to dentistry. Thus, the chemistry, physics and mechanics of the materials that underlie all clinical and laboratory procedures are discussed, emphasizing structure-property relationships. Aspects of biological importance (hazards, biocompatibility), and factors used in product selection are included. The teaching is conceptual rather than data-driven, and provides the basis of the explanation and justification of all dental treatment, the interpretation of observations (especially faults and failures), and the control of processes to obtain the best outcome. Accordingly, the course is closely related to, and a foundation for, clinical dentistry, and provides a framework for understanding materials that will be valid for the whole of a working lifetime.

General And Oral Anatomy

This includes anatomy of head and neck, oral embryology and histology, tooth morphology, dental radiology and various topics in clinical and applied anatomy, occlusion and the temporomandibular joint.

General And Oral Microbiology

This discipline provides a basic understanding of the etiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis and management of infectious diseases. Special emphasis is placed on the role of microorganisms in the etiology, progression and prevention of dental caries and periodontal disease. Microbial infections in the human host, with particular reference to infections of the oral cavity, are also reviewed in detail.

Master of Science in Dental Materials Science

The Department of Bioclinical Sciences offers a Master of Science program in Dental Materials Science. The program is a thesis based course. The program aims to provide the student with a fundamental knowledge of the principles in justifying selection criteria of materials and lays the groundwork for more advanced study of the composition, behavior and manipulation instructions for all classes of materials relevant to the practice of Dentistry... More

Master of Science in Oral Microbiology

This program opens the way towards building up a nidus and center of Oral Microbiology in the Faculty of Dentistry, Health Sciences Center, Kuwait University that will serve as an expertise resource locally and internationally. This program will enable to increase the knowledge level of Oral Microbiology among dentists and graduates from other biological disciplines. Advances in the understanding of oral microbiota and oral microbe-host interactions will lead to improved possibilities to reduce the burden of oral/dental diseases... More

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