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Master of Science in Dental Materials Science

The Department of Bioclinical Sciences offers a Master of Science program in Dental Materials Science. The program is a thesis based course. The program aims to provide the student with a fundamental knowledge of the principles in justifying selection criteria of biomaterials and lays the groundwork for more advanced study of the composition, characterization, behavior and manipulation instructions for all classes of biomaterials relevant to the practice of Dentistry.

The following courses are included in the program:

Course No. Course Name Credit Hrs
1210-501 Foundations of Dental Materials Science: Mechanical Properties of polymers 3
1210-502 Introduction to Materials Testing (Laboratory practical) 2
1210-505 Metal processing: Amalgam to Steel 2
1210-506 Introduction to Materials Research in Dentistry (Laboratory practical) 3
1210-507 Advanced Topics in Dental Materials Science: Ceramics, Physics et al 3
1210-508 Laboratory Projects (1) 2
1210-509 Safety and Clinical Efficacy of Dental Materials 3
1210-511 Ramifications: Analysis & Synthesis for Materials, Problems in Dentistry 3
1210-512 Laboratory Projects (2) 2
2000-501 Scientific Writing and Communication Skills 3
2000-599 Thesis 9

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