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Master of Science in Oral Microbiology

This program opens the way towards building up a nidus and center of Oral Microbiology in the College of Dentistry, that will serve as an expertise resource locally and internationally. This program will enable to increase the knowledge level of Oral Microbiology among dentists and graduates from other biological disciplines. Advances in the understanding of oral microbiota and oral microbe-host interactions will lead to improved possibilities to reduce the burden of oral/dental diseases.

The MSc in Oral Microbiology curriculum includes 33 credits to be accomplished during the 2-year full-time study period. The following courses are included in the program:

Course No. Course Name Credit Hrs
2000-503 Ethics and Professionalism 2
2000-501 Scientific Writing and Communication Skills 3
0520-501 General Microbiology 2
0520-519 Molecular Microbiology 3
0520-504 Immunity and Infection 2
0510-501 Biostatistics and Computer in Medicine 2
0520-505 Medical virology 2
1211-501 Oral Microbiology I 3
1211-502 Oral Microbiology II 3
1211-503 Oral Infections 2
1211-504 Journal Club 1
2000-599 Thesis 9

Dept of Bioclinical Sciences

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