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■ Course-Related Resources

■ Formal Letter Writing, Memos, and Emails

Learn how to communicate appropriately when you need to write to professors and other superiors.

■ Enrichment Resources

There’s nothing like inspiration to keep you focused on your goals. Improve your English as you discover, both in print and video formats, more about the world of medicine from other students, doctors, and even patients!

Triumph over Adversity
Learn about famous personalities whose courage and determination helped them overcome the obstacles they faced to become successful.

Medical Students Write
Discover the lives of other medical students around the world through their writings in various student medical journals.

Doctors’ Voices
Aside from publishing research in medical journals, doctors share their experiences as human beings in blogs, articles, and books. Learn about life in the ER to life in war-torn countries as you read through these pages.

Patients Speak
See what patients have to teach doctors and medical students. Don’t miss the poem, “The Crabby Old Man,” required reading for all health professionals.

Issues for Debate and Presentation
When the discoveries of science and medicine meet the day-to-day practice of medicine, controversies often result. One such controversy concerns organ transplants.

Inspirational Films
Laugh and cry your way through some powerful medical dramas based on true stories.

Inspirational Quotations and Proverbs
In a funk? Get inspired with these oldies but goodies.

Non-Medical Stories and Articles
When you need a break from medicine, check out this small collection of short stories and articles, some of which are accompanied by comprehension exercises.

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