1.                           scary (adj.), scarily (adv.),  scare (v.), scare (n.) مخيف – frightening

I find injections to be scary.

2.                           segregate (v.), segregation (n.), segregated (adj.) مفصول ، معزول – separate, isolate

One man said that the English football fans should be segregated so that they would not cause trouble at the football match.

3.                           sensation (n.), sense (v.) شعور – feeling

I felt a burning sensation on my skin.

4.                           sensation (n.), sense (v.) إحساس - feeling

I had the peculiar sensation that I was floating in air.

5.                           show يظهر (v.) – demonstrate, illustrate, explain, give an idea about

Today, our teacher showed us how to write a summary.

6.                           show يثبت (v.) – prove, confirm

His test results show that he is a good student..

7.                           show up (v. phrase) يظهر - able to be seen or be noticed

A trace of blood showed up in the patient’s urine.

8.                           side-effect (n.) مفعول جانبي – the unpleasant effect something may have in addition to the effect it is supposed to have

One side-effect of the cold medication is sleepiness.

9.                           simultaneously (adv.) معا، في وقت واحد – at the same time, concurrently

The transfer of carbon dioxide occurs simultaneously with the transfer of oxygen.

10.                     sober (adj.) – abstinent

He told the police he was sober because he had not drunk any alcohol.

11.                     soothing (adj.), soothe (v.) مهدئ

The lotion had a soothing effect on the patient’s sunburned skin.

12.                     speculate (v.), speculation (n.) يتفكر ، يتأمل – guess, conjecture, hypothesize

Scientists speculate that a mutated gene causes the disorder. 

13.                     spread (v.) ينتشر – transmit

 Lyme disease is spread by deer ticks.

14.                     sterile (adj.) معقم – uncontaminated

Place the liquid in a sterile beaker.

15.                     suggested (adj.), suggest (v.), suggestion (n.) أوحى  - indicated

According to the patient’s symptoms, suggested treatment was an injection of penicillin.

16.                     swollen (adj.), swell (v.) منتفخ – enlarged

His leg was swollen.

17.                     symptom (n.) عرض – indication, sign

One symptom of Lyme disease is swelling of the lymph glands near the tick bite.

18.                     task (n.) مهمة – chore

Her task is to record changes in temperature.

19.                     tendency (n.) ميل – predisposition, propensity, inclination

Some people have a tendency to be diabetic.


20.                     termed (adj.), term (v.), term (n.)  يسمى– called, named, referred to as

The tool, termed a gastroscope, allows doctors to examine the gastric tract.

21.                     theorize يضع نظرية (v.), theory (n.) – speculate, imagine

Scientists theorize that a large meteorite collided with the earth long ago.

22.                     tingling (n.), tingle (v.) شعور بوخز خفيف – prickling 

Faisal felt tingling up and down his spine.

23.                     tough (adj.)  قاس– demanding; strong

His father was a tough man.

That tough man can lift 200 kg.

24.                     trace (n.) اثر – mark or sign (that shows that something happened or existed)

The man disappeared without a trace.

25.                     trace (n.) اثر – a very small amount of something

Traces of blood were found under her fingernails.

26.                     tranquilizing (adj.) يهدئ – sedating; calming, soothing

The drug is used for its tranquilizing effect.

27.                     transformed (adj.), transform (v.), transformation (n.) حول – convert, change, alter

The liquid was transformed into a gas.

28.                     transient (adj.) زائل – brief, temporary, fleeting

Fortunately, the pain is transient.

29.                     transmit (v.) ينقل – spread

Lyme disease is transmitted by the deer tick.

30.                     trigger (v.), trigger (n.) يحدث، يطلق – activate, generate, produce, catalyze

The hormone triggers growth.

31.                     typically (adv.) نموذجياً – normally, usually, habitually

The disease typically takes several weeks to appear.

32.                     unexpectedly (adv.), unexpected (adj.) على نحو فجائي - without warning, unpredictably, out of the blue, all at once, surprisingly

The mixture exploded unexpectedly.

33.                     uphill (adj.) شاق – very difficult (and requiring a lot of effort)

It was an uphill fight against emphysema.

34.                     utter (adj.), utterly (adv.) مطلق – complete

He wants utter relief from the pain.

35.                     verbal (adj.) فعلي – spoken, oral

Sometimes non-verbal communication is as important as verbal communication.

36.                     via (prep.) عن طريق – by way of

The blood returns to the heart via the arteries.

37.                     vigorous (adj.), vigorously (adv.) نشيط or قوي – energetic, forceful, strong, brisk

He closed his hand in a vigorous movement.

38.                     violent (adj.) شديد  – very strong, powerful, intense, uncontrolled

The patient’s shaking was violent.

39.                     vital (adj.) حيوي – crucial, essential

Oxygen is vital for human survival.

40.                     wander (v.) يتجول – roam

We spent a pleasant afternoon wandering through the mall.

41.                     widespread منتشر (adj.) – prevalent, common, endemic

The disease is widespread throughout Europe.