1.                           malaise (n.)  توعك، انزعاج – depression, dissatisfaction, melancholy

One symptom is malaise.

2.                           malformed (adj.) مشوه – misshapen, deformed, abnormal, distorted

The unfortunate baby’s arm was malformed.

3.                           map (v.), map (n.) ينظم ، يرسم بتفصيل، خريطة – chart

New technology made it possible for scientists to map the part of the human brain responsible for perception.

4.                           merge (v.) يركب أو يجمع – join together, come together, unite

The two veins merge.

5.                           moist (adj.), moisture (n.)  رطب – slightly wet, damp

Keep the soil moist, or the plant will die.

6.                           momentum (n.) كمية التحرك – speed, strength

The ball gained momentum as it rolled downhill.

7.                           numbness (n.), numb (adj.) فاقد الحس – lack of sensation

8.                           occupied, (adj.), occupy (v.) مشغول ، محتل – being used; busy

This seat is occupied.

Taking care of her children keeps her occupied.

9.                           occupy (v.) يشغل – to fill a space or period of time; to hold a position

Alexander Fleming occupies a high position in the list of leading scientists.

10.                     ordinary (adj.) عادي – common, normal, commonplace

He was an ordinary person.

11.                     overdose (n.), overdose (v.) جرعه مفرطة – O.D.

The woman took an overdose of sleeping pills.