1.                           jostling (n.), jostle (v.) يحتك، يصطدم – shoving against or pushing against in a rough way

He was injured by the jostling of the crowd.

2.                           label (n.) label (v.) نعت ، لقب – description; definition

One label for cigarettes is coffin nails.

Cigarettes have been labeled as killers.

3.                           lapse (v.), lapse (n.) فترة زمنية قصيرة – break

There haven't been any lapses in security lately. 

4.                           lapse (n.)  غفلة– short memory loss

Her error was caused by a lapse in concentration.

There haven't been any lapses in security lately.

5.                           lead (v.) يتقيم عل

Hajar is leading the class for good grades.

6.                           lead (v.) يرشد – guide

The nurse led the patient to the doctor’s office.

7.                           lead (v.) يقود – control, run

Nour leads a team of surgeons.

8.                           lead to (v. phrase) يسبب – result in

Eating too many sweets leads to obesity.

9.                           lesion (n.) أذى، ضرر

There was a lesion on his arm.

10.                     limit (v.), limitation (n.), limited (adj.) يحدد – restrict; curb

His new diet limits the number of calories he can consume daily.

He needs to limit his appetite.

11.                     luxurious (adj.), luxuriously (adv.) مرفه ، رغد – luxurious

The Mercedes is a luxurious automobile.